How to be Less Boring

So, I’ve been re-reading this blog and trying to think of ways to make this place more appealing to more readers. Lemme tell ya, it’s NOT easy. Back before Facebook, when blogs were a bigger deal, I probably still wouldn’t have gotten a ton of interest, but it would have been a little bit more lively given my comfortable niche in the Ottawa Blogging Community. (RIP) Of course, not many people know this place exists, and I probably could do a better job of promoting it, but HOW?

Do I post the following on Facebook: “Hey friend, I know we’re constantly inundated with every gritty detail of peoples personal lives and their opinions on everything 24/7 now with social media, but do you want to come to my blog and hear me yak about mental health stuff and silly topics like video games, comic books, unwise life decisions and whatever else pops into my ADHD-addled brain?”

I’ve never published any books and don’t have the following that someone like The Bloggess does, her latest post got 590 comments! Damn! But she’s a great writer and very funny, so it’s understandable why she would have that kind of popularity. Plus, she’s probably been writing consistently for a lot longer than I have. I tend to write only when I have five minutes to breathe and am not running around doing a million other things.

But, and I know this sounds narcissistic, but I still want to get my voice out there, partly because of it’s not a voice you hear often in blog format: A pregnant 41-year-old lady with ADHD who is just trying to navigate the realities of raising an autistic kid, along with building some kind of creative outlet and restarting her professional career (again!).

Sure, there are plenty of “autism moms” or “dads”, but I guess I would rather define myself as an individual first, before getting into the struggles of autism parenting. I had a life before kids, and am not super cool with defining my entire identity by someone else’s diagnosis or label. It’s definitely a HUGE part of my life and important, but I am my own person and discuss other topics. (Absolutely NO judgement on parents who run autism blogs or social media pages, trust me, I read and watch some of these people and they have been a tremendous help in feeling less alone)

Anyways, just some thoughts of the day. In the summer, I had started doodling and thought of publishing a webcomic, so that might be a more fun way to increase readership. It doesn’t require someone to read through giant blocks of text, just a quick browse! Plus, a lot of the women doing webcomics tend to be in their 20s or 30s, and age representation of older people online is important to me, so it would be nice to increase that too!

We’ll see, maybe I’ll post some crappy drawings on here and take it from there. I’ve always been great at drawing realistically, but cartoon-style? Not so much. But if people can literally publish webcomics with stick figures, than I can draw stiff looking cartoons!

Check back and see! Hopefully I’ll have some up!


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