I’m Pregnant! Again! Aaaaaa!


Big news: I’m pregnant. In case it wasn’t obvious from the title of this post. Last week, I decided to announce the news on Facebook. Fairly soon after hitting “publish”, the congratulations came pouring in, and it was nice and appreciated. We had already announced it to my parents and in-laws, but the possibility of miscarriage is an ever present cloud in the early days of pregnancy, so I wanted to wait longer before telling more people. However, once we hit the 12 week mark and had two ultrasounds with a confirmed strong heartbeat, I figured I might as well. It’s pretty massive news afterall! It can still feel fairly nerve wracking, and we did have a scare, but all I can do is take care of myself and the baby the best I can!

However, it hasn’t always been easy; In early July, I got hit with a nasty case of pneumonia and it has decided to rear its ugly head again, sending me into a frenzy of hacking and wheezing. I was prescribed more antibiotics and have been taking my inhalers, but it’s tough not to worry about the effect it might have on my baby. Plus the stress of watching my house explode into chaos, but not having the energy or even the breath to keep it tidy and clean! And then there’s my son, who never stops and has started a really gross new habit that I won’t mention here, but let’s just say it’s not exactly sanitary! Basically, I’ve just been trying to survive and get over this damn virus once and for all!

The antibiotics seem to be helping as does the cough medicine I take at night, so hopefully I will get back into fighting form. This pregnancy I really did want to be different and be healthier, I vowed to eat better and exercise more regularly, sort of like training for the “delivery and post-partum olympics”. Growing a child, birthing them and then recovering from the trauma is TOUGH, so I wanted to give myself all the advantages I could and be in the best shape. The pneumonia threw a wrench into those plans, but all I can do is rest now and hopefully feel better later.

That’s the big news of the day; I’m happy, sick, anxious, tired; All the emotions you would expect from an expectant mother, but I will live to fight another day!


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