And then we got COVID

Last Thursday while I was dropping off my son at daycare, one of the teachers came up to me and said that she and two students had contracted COVID.
“Fuck,” I cursed, as quietly as possible so none of the kids could hear.
“Yeah, that’s what we said!” another teacher laughed.
So, the next day, Good Friday, we dug out our rapid tests and the results were negative. We had plans to go visit my parents and Hubby’s parents, so we figured we dodged the bullet.

Then came Saturday, my throat was scratchy and Sam was visibly sick and tired, and slept most of the day. I felt it coming, like a tidal wave, and sure enough, on Monday, once we were all back home, it crashed down on us. Fatigue, coughing fits, sore throat and muscles, stuffy nose, the works! Hubby tested himself and it came back positive, then I tested myself and it was also positive. So we are now isolating until next Friday. No daycare, no shopping trips, no socializing. Just a lot of water and cough drops.

Today is day 4, and I am honestly starting to feel better though. I had a terrible chest infection for two weeks earlier, so am pretty tired of coughing and barking, but I was actually able to cook and clean today, so that’s good. My kid is also back to his regular sensory seeking, rambunctious self, pacing around, and playing with his toys. He’s driving me nuts while I make meals, but that’s not unusual.

Anyways, I know this isn’t a super exciting post, but figured I should write something. COVID has been lurking around like a boogeyman for two years, and we’ve been lucky enough to evade it until now. It certainly sucks, and I wouldn’t want to contract it unvaccinated, which has also been a source of frustration for me, since there STILL aren’t any vaccines for children under 5. Parents have pretty much just been told to sacrifice our mental health for two years in revolving lockdowns and after that, all you hear is that the trials aren’t going well or they don’t know if kids need two or three shots. It’s scary, exhausting and frustrating and ANOTHER thing I did not anticipate when I began this journey of starting a family. But I guess most people didn’t anticipate this pandemic, it really hasn’t been easy, and it’s honestly brought out the worst in some people. There have been several times where I just really, really hated humanity. People just seemed so stupid, selfish and ignorant, only doing what they wanted and not thinking about how it will affect others and the environment. It’s for these reasons the pandemic started and continues to move through our communities.

However, I have since moved a bit away from that kind of all-consuming misanthropy. Sure, some people are awful, but I’m not really interested in fighting with morons or scumbags anymore, or paying them any kind of attention really. Plus, there really are so many good people in the world, it’s just the shitty ones that draw headlines and a stronger emotional reaction. Being in a pandemic has been stressful enough, so it’s made me realize the importance of focusing on good people and what makes you happy.

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