Back in the “good ‘ol days” when I lived in Ottawa and hung out with the local blogging community, anonymity was a big deal. Most of the bloggers used fake names and tried to keep their online presence on the DL from family and coworkers. It’s kind of strange and surreal to think about it now though, because pretty much most of these people are probably now on Facebook, sharing their personal thoughts and experiences on there for everyone and advertisers to see. And I’m no better, as I have certainly overshared at times, probably more than most. Social media is a weird addiction, and while I try and use it to just share artwork and hopefully gain more customers or at least brighten peoples day, it’s a bit too easy to get too personal on there sometimes.

Why am I talking about it on here? Well, after hitting publish on my last blog post, I was feeling some renewed confidence and decided to state on Facebook that I started blogging again. This is hardly going to garner the same enthusiastic response as a pregnancy or engagement announcement or even a cute pet photo, but I’m still glad I did it. I’m still a “bit” shy about coming out of the blog closet, so I told my friends to contact me and I’ll PM them the link. So maybe those old blog habits die hard. It’s kind of silly considering that it’s pretty obvious who I am on here though. It has my real name along with some of my artwork, so it doesn’t take a genius to figure out who I am. And I guess that’s kind of the point; I’m just kind of done with making up a pretend name and using some non-identifying picture that I found online. (Not that I’m judging others for doing that, I mean maybe they had some very good reasons for staying hidden, and just needed a place to vent. I get it)

So rather than overshare on Facebook, I’ll overshare on here, LOL. No, in all seriousness, that’s not the purpose of this blog. It’s honestly a place for me to talk about my personal experiences, but hopefully in a more well-thought out way than the one or two sentences often spouted on social media. As someone who is diagnosed with ADHD and has a neurodivergent family, it’s kind of empowering to have a place away from Zuckerberg Inc., to talk honestly about such issues. North American culture has finally progressed enough to where people can talk openly about their mental health struggles and it is such a wonderful thing that I would love to be apart of, particularly as someone who did not grow up with this priviledge in school, with friends or even in my own family sometimes. But I want to do it my own way, with more control over content and presentation than social media can provide. ADHD or other neurodivergent stuff isn’t the only topic I’ll discuss, but I do like to think of it as the main impetus for this domain’s existence.

Anyways, if you’re from my Facebook friend list, welcome and I hope you enjoy my writing. As I brush the dust off and clear out the cobwebs, please excuse any grammatical or spelling mistakes. Sometimes in my haste to publish, I forget to do a good job of editing beforehand. But I do hope you enjoy your stay and come back to read more. Everyone needs a place to express themselves, and blogging is a great way to do it!

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