The Holidays Actually Went Well!

Christmas came and went in a whirlwind of overeating and overgifting, just like it always does, but since it is 2021, it’s a miracle it happened at all! It was just last year that a lockdown forced us to try and celebrate over Zoom. No one was happy, and the connection kept crashing, but it was the best we could do! Of course things are still bad, bla, bla, and I asked my family to get tested prior to visiting, but I’m grateful that it happened at all!

Another thing that I’m grateful for is the fact that there was no drama or fighting, which let’s be honest, tends to be more likely when a family gets together-In-laws, outlaws, siblings, partners-whatever! Pettiness or decades long grudges can resurface once people have overindulged, but I’m pretty lucky in that most people in my immediate circle get along most of the time. (Not all the time, I mean, we’re not robots!) There was some debating going on, and one minor misunderstanding, but I kept out of it, because I wanted to save my energy for cooking a 12 pound turkey for the second time in my life!

So now, we get to think about how to spend January, which can be difficult. It’s cold, you can’t see anyone because of covid numbers and the days can be short and grey. But I’m feeling renewed from the holidays and plan on grabbing it by the short hairs. Everyday counts, even in the dead of winter during a pandemic. Besides, I got all these great holiday leftovers to keep me happy!

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