“Mom” Shows and Movies are Awful!

Credit: https://www.netflix.com/ca/title/80198991

There’s this show in Canada called Workin’ Moms currently on its fourth season and I *tried* watching it, but it was a struggle! The characters live in multi million dollar homes in downtown Toronto, all have perfect jobs and hunky husbands (or hunky young boy toys that they quickly discard), but still complain, bitch and moan. Granted their lives aren’t without some challenges, but holy fuck, can anyone actually relate to these women? In the real world, the housing market is beyond insane, there’s a devastating virus that’s been circling the globe for the past two years, decent jobs are few and far between, and we’re all just kind of trying to hang on until winter is finally over. The “jokes” on this show are also really, really bad and there isn’t one sympathetic, likeable character in the whole lot!

It’s the same problem I had watching another show targeted at women my age called Motherland. Most of the ladies on that show are rich, their kids don’t struggle with any serious issues, like disabilities or illnesses and again, and with the exception of one or two, they are all really terrible people. Yes, there is one “mean mommy” who is kind of a caricature of the popular bitch in high school who never really grew up, but the rest aren’t much better! The protagonist is a selfish woman who uses people and barely coughs out a “thank you” in return. There was even an episode with another mom body shaming and relentlessly criticizing another. And this was after she expected her friends to rescue her after getting drunk and putting herself in danger for an entire evening! Seriously?? With friends like that, who needs enemies? It’s not much better with movies, where again, mansions and hunky suitors or husbands. Perfect kids, and ridiculous problems.

Now, I get it, people are tired of hearing about the pandemic and many want an escape, but is it really so much to ask to see more middle class or even remotely realistic people on TV? When it comes to families, shows and movies seem to either paint an idyllic fantasy or dystopian nightmare that takes place in a crack den. Let’s see more shades of grey. Lets see more depictions of single moms who don’t have 20-something Ken dolls lining up to date them. What about parents of children’s with disabilities or medical issues? And can women have jobs that aren’t either A)Ridiculously overpaid journalism jobs that require them to re-vist their “quaint home town” or B) Playgrounds for hipsters? Where are all the teachers, nurses, admininistrative assistants, vet techs, retail employees or anything else that’s not glamorous, but pays the bills? I love relatable humour, and life with kids can be crazy, so there really is endless source material. Some shows that have handled parenthood better are The Let Down (Which deals with postpartum issues, but still manages to be funny) and Breeders. (An unusual show that talks about how difficult it can be to be a father, which is refreshing) These shows aren’t perfect, but are definitely less cringe-inducing in terms of story and dialogue. It’s nice to see more representation of motherhood beyond extremes like June Cleaver, Marge Simpson, or Roseanne, but there is still a lot of unexplored territory here that could be great!

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