Doing Everything at Once!

One crazy thing about having ADHD as an adult is the overwhelming pressure you can feel to do a million different things at once. Take today for example; After finishing this post, I have to wrap presents, exercise, get dinner started, finish painting some cards I’m selling, start another leather project, buy a couch, do yoga, clean the basement…bla, bla, bla until it’s 3:50pm and I realize in a panic that I have to pick up my son from daycare in ten minutes! Frankly, it’s exhausting! And even if you subtracted all the obligations and chores out of the equation, my crazy brain will bounce from painting to drawing to sewing to leather working to frickin’ basket weaving! The shiny objects really are everywhere, or maybe they’re more like a laser pointer and I’m the cat chasing after it. (Weird analogy but I think it holds up)
Mindfulness and meditation is something that is suggested A LOT, and not just to me, but people in general for taking a moment to relax and be present. I have no problem being in the moment, but sitting in a room listening to myself breathe is tough! Mostly, I just start thinking about the annoying whistling sound my nose makes and then start to worry that I’m getting a cold, which makes me start getting all paranoid about COVID and well it’s downhill from there! (Did I mention I also suffer from GAD?) Meditation is good, but I’ll try doing it for short periods and work from there! In today’s crazy world, I think it’s probably the best plan for many people.

Today’s weather is cold, rainy and dreary, typical crap November weather, but in December. These days aren’t great for doing much, but they are good for curling up with a nice cup of joe and book, or even just indulging in a memory. Everyone needs some peace, and break from the rush, not just me, and days like today really reinforce that lesson.

One thought on “Doing Everything at Once!

  1. Ahh, I can relate to this so much. They call it ‘high-functioning anxiety’ on this side of the pond! My brain does not stop and I have ZERO chill. I simply cannot relax, and mindfulness etc. makes me worse, ha! I wonder if there’s something in the genetics?


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